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Ang pagwawakas ng dalawang taong paghihintay sa loob ng siyam na araw. Ibinigay niya sandali, para ibigay sa iba. At ngayon, malapit nang magwakas ang lahat.

ni J.D. Lim

nine days
two years

it started as something exciting
something to look forward to
nine days of foggy mornings
nine days of bibingka
nine days of sacrifice
nine days of prayer

it was on that second time
things were different
intentions have changed
it was meant to open up
clear my soul
repelenish my source
reconnect with Him
and make two ultimate petitions:
is it right?
can I finally have her?

I don't know if He
answered the first
but it turned out to be
the right thing to do
join them
but after a year
I left
and now on my own
brand of their cause

the second one
came two years later
He gave too much
He really listens
and answers more than you've asked
at the rightn time
for He gave her to me
on the most trying times
the times I'm blinded by grief, anger, hopelessness
she's my light
she's my life
but now she's off to someone else
two years came
and ended too soon

here I am again
hoping to complete nine days
say my wishes to Him
entrust to Him everything
and wait for two more years

maybe He'll give me her again
or maybe someone else
no matter what or who it may be
I'd still be waiting
for that day to come

but for now
the two year wait
is over.
and all is over
after nine days.

Parokya ni San Ildefonso, Guiguinto, Bulacan
December 16, 2008 2:53 P.M.

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