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They'll Never Meet (J.D. Lim)

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The tenth in the series of poems. Nothing has changed since day one. And I hope we’ll see each other even if we’ll never meet.

They'll Never Meet
(J.D. Lim)

two planets shall see each other for days
completely aligned
almost close to one another
their light touching each other
yet, they'll never meet

she's the goddess of beauty
he's the most powerful and mighty god
yet she shines brightly but him,
slowly fading
it's as if she gives light to him
and she doesn't know it.

he cannot reach out to her
no matter how hard he try
or how many journey he'll take
they'll never meet

he can't do anything
but adore
and hope to meet her
to touch her
to hug her
to kiss her
to love her

and sadly, this conjunction would end
they'll part their ways
yet they'd never meet
and she'll go back
for he's just a passing
'cause she's enamoured
with that bloody planet

though he's powerful
he can make things happen at will
create and destroy everything
but it's all useless
for he cannot tel
nor command to love him
and forget that red planet

he'll just wait for the next thousand
or million years to come
to see her again
even if they'll never meet again.

(In memory of the planetary conjunction between Venus and Jupiter)

Under the 2 planets, Brgy. Sta. Ines, Bulakan, Bulacan
December 4, 2008 9:42 P.M.

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